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Infrared Thermal Imaging Applications

Listed below are some examples of the thermal imaging services that can be performed. Many of these services would be combined and tailored to meet your companies needs. Some examples of these types of inspections are shown in photos and thermograms on the following pages..

Air In-Leakage Survey
In typical industrial applications infrared imaging can identify vacuum leaks in expansion joints, seals and manway covers in condensers and furnaces.

Refractory/Insulation Casing Survey
Detects abnormalities in temperature to identify possible areas of insulation/refractory breakdown in casings, wind boxes and duct work, etc..

Thermal Map
Summarizes the results of a thermal survey for customers depicting the abnormalities found. This is presented in a sketch of the tested area such as the side of a boiler or wind box.

Water Wall Tube Survey
Identifies blocked water wall tubes in a boiler while circulating hot water.

Electrical Survey
Locate components overheating in power distribution systems, fuse boxes, relay panels, H.V. busses, switch yards, substations, generators, transformers, motors, motor control centers (MCC), printed circuit boards and cabinets which may lead to component failure.

Sample Report and Data Sheet
A sample report page that shows both visual and infrared pictures of the overheated components. The data sheet shows other pertinent information.

Other Applications
A listing of other services provided by Applied Infrared Technologies.

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