John G. Clark

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John Clark has a BS and MS degree in Electrical Engineering. His experience spans 30 years and encompasses design, testing and maintenance in both the aerospace and utility industries. This experience means AIT can assist you in solving problems, not just identifying them. AIT has used their techniques to push the limits of the technology. AIT has used their innovative techniques to measure air bag gas temperature, the inside of a gas turbine and flame temperature inside a furnace. Our company name, Applied Infrared Technologies, means we apply the techniques of infrared technology to solve your problems. For further information, please contact me.

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Street address
17 Valley View Drive
Stafford Springs, Connecticut 06076

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Office phone
(860) 684-0AIT {(860) 684-0248}

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(860) 684-1731

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I love getting E-Mail! Please let me know what you think about my web; constructive criticism is welcome!

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